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Save time and increase ROI. Spy on your competitors, discover the most profitable ads, and uncover high performing site and network placements for your next campaign.

Grow your Network’s reach and advertising revenue

Turbocharge your publisher development and advertising sales teams.  Quickly prospect new publishers and grow your networks reach.  Identify high value advertisers that are not yet spending money with you.

Mobile & Desktop data from over 60 Networks

Uncover ads from over 60 display and native networks, ranging from large international networks down to smaller local native networks.  Expand your competitive research globally with expansive data in 18 countries (new countries and networks added frequently).

Discover monetization strategies of competing Publishers, track viral trends and attract new advertisers

Grow your audience and increase traffic monetization.  Quickly discover and track high value advertisers.  Track competing publishers to uncover their audience development strategy AND traffic monetization strategy.

Advanced alert and bookmarking features

PayPer Trail’s alerts and advanced bookmarking system make it even easier for you to uncover profitable campaigns, whether you’re an experienced advertiser or just starting out.  Receive automatic updates when target ads are discovered, bookmark ads and advertisers to easily compare and download data, and bookmark similar advertisers to create clear snapshots of how particular products are best marketed.

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